Q: Do you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies?

A: Due to the intimate size of our kitchen, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate dietary restrictions at this time. For severe allergies, please contact info@dialoguerestaurant.com at least 48 hours prior to your reservation and we will do our best to accommodate. In the case of certain allergies, some courses may have to be omitted. Though we have the utmost respect for our food and our diners, there is always a slight risk of cross contamination. Please note that for the current menu we are unable to accommodate vegan or vegetarian requests. If you have any questions, please email us prior to purchasing your reservation.

Q: I’ve read there are seats at the counter and at tables. What is the difference?

A: The seating is divided between table and counter service. Guests sit in taller chairs at the kitchen counter with a view of the kitchen directly in front while guests sitting at tables enjoy the comfort of a banquette with full view of the entire space.

Q: What does my ticket include?

A: Your prepaid food ticket includes food and all necessary fees to provide the most hospitable and complete experience. These prices do not include a 10.25% food and beverage tax.

Q: What are beverage pairings? When do I order them?

A: Dialogue offers options for two separate beverage pairings, a mixed beverage and a reserve wine pairing. We would suggest that the guests enjoy the beverage pairing as it is crafted with the same care as the menu – though it is not necessary or required, we feel that it enhances the overall experience of the meal. We also offer a small list of bottles. You may choose to purchase beverages through Resy ahead of time or decide on the evening you dine.

Our Mixed Beverage pairing uses a wide array of wines from both Europe and the United States alongside a sake and two beers. Our Reserve Wine Pairing shows classic and off the beaten path wines from Europe. There are no overlapping wines between the two pairings.


Q: May My dining companion and i enjoy one of the beverage pairings to be shared between us?

A: Much like the dinner menu, the beverage pairings at Dialogue are meant to form an experience for each of our guests. While diners are free to share amongst one another, we do not offer a split pairing. We do offer abridged pairings and a selection of sparkling, red, and white wines available by the bottle for those who would like to enjoy a shared wine experience.


Q: Do you offer other beverages other than wine pairings?

A: We offer a non-alcoholic pairing which showcases homemade juices, sodas and teas in addition to still and sparkling water.



A: Tickets are available 30 days in advance of reservation date on Resy.


Q: I’m hoping to purchase tickets for a party larger than four. do you allow parties larger than four?

A:  The largest party we allow and can accommodate at one time is four guests.  Our staff is small and we cannot provide the same quality experience for parties larger than four guests. 

If you're interested in reserving the restaurant for a private party, please email info@dialoguerestaurant.com.


Q: Do you take walk-ins?

A: No, we do not accept walk-ins.


Q: How long will my meal take?

A: The general dining experience is approximately two and a half hours to three hours. For two guests, we expect the meal to last two and a half hours. For four guests, please expect the meal to last three hours.


Q: What is the dress code at Dialogue?

A: The suggested attire for Dialogue is business casual. We do not allow beach attire.


Q: The entrance door is locked. How do I get into Dialogue?

A: On the morning of your reservation, our hospitality team will reach out and provide instructions to ensure a proper and smooth entry to our dining room.


Q: Something came up and I can’t make dinner the night I purchased. May I have a refund or change to another night?

A: No. Similar to a show or sporting event, all sales are final.


Q: Can I give my ticket away or sell it?

A: Yes. Your ticket is completely transferable to another guest for the same date and time of your purchase. Anyone choosing to purchase tickets from a third party should email info@dialoguerestaurant.com to confirm the legitimacy of the ticket. Any tickets purchased on the secondary market are at your own risk. Please make sure to have the seller email us to confirm the transfer.


Q: How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

A: In order to properly transfer your ticket to another guest, please email the guest and info@dialoguerestaurant.com with the new guest's information in the email. This will ensure the smoothest transition on the night of dining.


Q: What should I do if I’m running late?

A: We understand traffic in Los Angeles is difficult to predict. If you’re running late, please email info@dialoguerestaurant.com. We will try our best to seat you. If you are running more than 20 minutes late, we reserve the right to omit courses in order to respect the dining times of other guests.


Q: Is Dialogue kid-friendly?

A: Though we welcome all of our young and enthusiastic fans we would strongly encourage parents to plan ahead and consider whether they feel this is the appropriate experience for their child.  

Due to the special restrictions of Dialogue we would discourage parents from bringing any child that is too small or young to sit in their own seat. We would also ask that diners take into account their own experience as well as the guests around them when considering bringing a child.